Afghanistan Needs You

The SMS campaign is a new, cost effective and efficient method of communication to spread our message. Our team was able to reach a huge number of Afghans across Afghanistan and used this tool to spread the campaign message from urban to rural and remote areas. The Afghanistan Needs You team sent two million patriotic SMSs to Roshan telecom subscribers all over Afghanistan. The main purpose of these messages was to spread awareness about why Afghanistan needs them with SMS content developed to inspire and encourage our fellow citizens in 34 provinces to take part in the development of the country. The messages were mostly sent to rural regions where there are less TVs and Internet. The messages were in both Dari and Pashto languages and were sent according to the areas with the majority of people speaking one of the national languages.
Messages such as “We maintain our values by being in the country, Afghanistan Needs You”, “Afghanistan more than ever needs us to stay and build the country that every citizen wishes it to be” were sent to people in the cities and rural areas in order to trigger the sense of patriotism in people and develop the mentality that leaving the country is not the only choice available.

The messages was successfully sent to two million people across Afghanistan but we can safely assume with the culture of informal sharing of information, the messages were spread to at least 3 million people whom would be difficult to reach through other awareness tools.